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BIMsight Team, I would like to suggest the following dimensioning additions. 1)One click dimension of a straight edge. Instead of defining point to point, it would recognize the linear edge and display the dimension. 2)Angular dimension to verify skewed walls, beams, etc. To me this is a very important addition to get more buy in from the contractors. What building is square these days? 3)Radial dimensions (see above) Thanks, Mike

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Thanks for these ideas. I think it's clear we'll need to add more dimensioning options at some point so it's good to get this kind of feedback. Thanks Steve

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yes i find dimensioning not very useful in this program, snap points are difficult for checking say stair goings and rises.

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Will version 1.8 add any new dimensioning features/tools?

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Dimensionring to gridlines Take out level infomation by snapping on surface

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All of the above points are good ones, dating back 2 years. Is there any timescale for when additional dimensioning controls such as the ones described may be introduced?

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