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Macintosh platform

Does Tekla plan to make BIMsight available for the Macintosh platform?

Answers to this question

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That's a pity. BIMsight is fantastic, but should be cross platform.

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Hi Robert, Currently we have no plan for releasing BIMsight in Macintosh. Sorry. Tekla BIMsight uses heavily Microsoft technologies so the porting to Macintosh is not that easy task.

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This would be the best to do, make an app but also to develop for Mac OS . Easier to use Mac and Apple is known to be better with handle graphical programs.

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Alas, yet another Microsoft-tied system. Could it be that it is developed using Visual Studio and .NET libraries from Microsoft? It would be good to take platform-independence more seriously into account from the beginning. E.g. even when using C# and .NET there are decent solutions to support Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, Linux… e.g. the way Unity apps can run on almost anything (with Mono framework, an Open Source implementation of the .NET framework).

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Hi Stefan, Thanks for your comments. Currently Tekla BIMsight runs only on the Windows operating system, but there is a workaround available. In order to run on a Mac you will need to install and run Windows using something like Boot Camp or one of the 3rd party virtualisation programs such as VMware. More information about the Boot Camp is available here http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1461 Boot Camp allows one operating system to be run at a time, some of the 3rd party software allow both operating systems to run concurrently. I hope you find this information useful. Thanks, Heikki

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