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IFC Converter

I cannot see the duct on the viewer. I opened a dwg file. The Autocad 2011 does not have an export for IFC files. Are you aware of any converters available to convert the dwg to IFC?

Answers to this question

+1 votes

AutoCAD objects are simply 3D objects, with no information attached. IFC, is a graphical representation of the properties of the element. Since AutoCAD 3D objects have no information, there is no tool available for AutoCAD to IFC conversion. Tekla BIMsight , can however open 3D DWG models. Are you having issues with AutoCAD imports not being seen?

0 votes

I design fire sprinkler systems. We received a 3d dwg file for HVAC contractor drawn with Mapsoft CadDuct software. For us to see it on Autocad we neeed an object enabler. When I open the dwg file with your BimSight viewer i can't see any duct.

0 votes

CADduct does export to IFC, and with that you should be able to see the original HVAC design just fine in Tekla BIMsight. Object enablers spell bad for transferability of data. One trick you might want to try out is to explode the objects that need object enablers.

0 votes

Another thing to try out is to enable the proxygraphics setting in AutoCAD. It should give correct geometry instead of just boxes.

+1 votes

I think we dont have to worry about converting into IFC in this case. Tekla BIMSight can directly import DWG files without missing any information. please try to add files in dwg format only. Thanks, Githyon.

0 votes

Githyon prabhu I thought as you did that so long as it was a dwg file you could see it. If you want I can send you the dwg file and you cab check to see if it works for you?

0 votes

convert ifc for dwg?

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