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ifc to field3d

how to open ifc file in field3d

Answers to this question

0 votes

If you have a large IFC file, I suggest you upgrade to Tekla Field3D Enterprise, more information here: http://www.teklabimsight.com/tekla-field3d-features kind regards, Jussi kind regards, Jussi

0 votes

Jussi - your reply suggests there is a limit on the size of file that the free version of Field 3D can handle. I can't find what the size limit is on the Field 3D web site so can you please confirm what it is. Regards - Robert

0 votes

Robert, good question but there is no precise answer on this as it depends on many things around the model. I would say that 10 mb start to be the max for the free version, even less. Enterprise server can handle over 1 gb projects on IFC as there is preprocessing on server side for the mobile use.

0 votes

Hi, I have a 7mb model that will not load in field 3d on my android tablet. I have also tried a 1mb model that doesn't load. Is this something to do with the file type ending? I have saved them as .f3d files and tried to open them from my Dropbox account with no luck. I have been able to open these on my laptop in bim sight without any issues. Can you please provide some assistance to get these models open and running on my tablet?

0 votes

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