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Profile and bolt size

Is there a way to get Tekla BIMsight to recognise bolt sizes and regionally added profiles (cold rolled purlins) from Tekla Structures? I can get it to read the profile from an xml file but then there are no bolts. The IFC shows the bolts but does not recognise the size of the bolts or the purlins.

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You shoul dbe able to export profile name from Tekla Structures in the IFC file by defining the property in the Psets. How to do this should be documented in the Tekla Structures IFC help. However we don't support the bolt size just now in Tekla BIMsight

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I'm agree. Could very useful can recognise size of bolts

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Erectors using BimSight models in the field, to assist with erecting, would find this feature invaluable.. something i feel should be a priority

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I feel this should be a priority also.

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Should show the bolt diam, length, grade (TC?) to help erector.

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Tekla BIMsight displays all data written to IFC files, so if the imported IFC file contains bolt sizes, they can be viewed on the same way as all other object data. At the moment, there is no data written from Tekla Structures for bolts or reinforcements to IFC or TBP file. However, to get more object information exported to IFC files from Tekla Structures is one thing that we are currently developing, so improvements on this issue can be expected on the future releases of Tekla Structures. BR Heikki

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Any timeframes for the "expected improvement" ? Not only would erectors find this invalualbe, we now have Engineers also asking us for this... as they are using Tekla BIMSight to assist in reviewing / approving drawings for Fabrication.

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Hi Shane, I have some good news for you and the others who are waiting for the possibility to write bolt and rebar data into IFC file when exporting a Tekla Structures model. This type of functionality will be available on Tekla Structures during this year, so you will soon get the properties of the bolts and reinforcements exported from Tekla Structures to Tekla BIMsight. BR Heikki

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Hi Can you tell me if the Bolt profile is now displayed in Version V1.3. I to, get asked by engineers checking/looking over a working model what the bolt sizes are. Thanks

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Paulus I've just checked in the version1.3 BIMsight demo project and bolt data is visible. If you haven't downloaded version 1.3 of BIMsight yet I suggest you do so. Robert

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Hi, As I already mentioned earlier, Tekla BIMsight views all data that is written into IFC files. Hence, if the imported IFC file contains some bolt information, it can be viewed on the same way as all other object data in Tekla BIMsight. The structural model of the Tekla BIMsight demo project v1.3 is exported with Tekla Structures 17.0.4. From this Tekla Structures version onwards it is possible to write bolt as well as rebar information to the IFC file. This functionality is available to all Tekla Structures users with a valid maintenance contract in the next Service Release, which will be released at the end of November. BR Heikki

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Hi, Tekla Structures 17.0 Service Release 4, which is available to all users with a valid maintenance contract, was released yesterday. Thanks to the improvements made in IFC export, Tekla Structures users can now get more detailed reinforcement or bolt properties to Tekla BIMsight. Take a closer look at the bolts and rebars of the Tekla BIMsight demo project and see what kind of property information can now be written to IFC files exported from Tekla Structures. BR Heikki

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I've seen the data for the bolts in the demo project, but how do I get it from my model into bimsight? I guess I have to add a couple of lines in the IFC_properties_sets.inp to get the information in bimsight?

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Hi Robert, Tekla Structures 17.0 Service Release 4, which is available to all users with a valid maintenance contract, introduces more advanced XML-based way to configure property sets in IFC export instead of using the IFC_properties_sets.inp file. In SR4 property sets are defined by using two files: the schema file IfcPropertySetConfigurations.xsd and the actual property set configuration file IfcPropertySetConfigurations.xml. The improvements made in IFC export allows to user to export for example more detailed bolt or reinforcement properties to Tekla BIMsight. Take a look at the Release Notes of Tekla Structures SR4 https://extranet.tekla.com/BC/tekla-structures-en/product/version_downloads/17.0/service-releases/Downloads/ReleaseNotes_170_SR4_enu.pdf to see more detailed information about the XML-based way and how it can be utilized. BR Heikki

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