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Why is Tekla BIMsight free?

Tekla's mission is to drive the evolution of construction (incl. BIM) with its software, providing a growing competitive advantage to our customers. The ongoing transition from 2D to BIM creates new business opportunities for company growth. With Tekla BIMsight, we provide the whole construction industry a no-cost platform for modern, model-based design coordination. We believe that this will increase the demand for other Tekla BIM products as well.

Q: Why is it free? It seems suspicious.

A: It is true, that you seldom get anything truly professional for free. But there is a business idea behind Tekla BIMsight; it creates no-cost entry to BIM for anyone in the AEC industry and creates us an unique opportunity to provide more advanced BIM tools for our potential and existing customers. Also, you need to register Tekla BIMsight if you decide to start using it – this opens a channel Tekla can use for market communication.

Q: How long will Tekla BIMsight be free?

A: Tekla BIMsight will remain free and there will be new functionality coming up as well. There are no plans to start to charge for the current level of functionality in Tekla BIMsight.

Q: What is stated in the EULA of Tekla BIMsight about the price?

A: http://www.teklabimsight.com/eula.jsp Tekla is committed to offering design coordination tools in Tekla BIMsight for free. We see that driving the evolution of construction from 2D to BIM increases the demand for models and model authoring tools.

We cannot enter a contract with any Tekla BIMsight user that would secure this status quo perpetually, but for the foreseeable future Tekla has no plans to charge for the current Tekla BIMsight functionality. The software versions of Tekla BIMsight that Tekla has released are available for free and those versions can be used also in the future without any cost.

The EULA is referring that there can be services that the users of Tekla BIMsight can purchase but those are strictly not mandatory and are sold under separate agreement. It is safe to operate under the assumption that Tekla BIMsight is free to use with the current functionality.

Q: Are some features disabled because it's free?

A: No. All current functionality is available for free.

Q: Is there any plans to have chargeable functionality?

A: Tekla is fully committed to Tekla BIMsight as a new platform. We are following the market demand and gathering ideas and requirements to see how we can best serve the market with our solutions.

If you have any other questions regarding Tekla BIMsight as a free software, please do not hesitate to contact us.